Welcome to the new GeoVest Advisors website.  In this section, we will provide regular updates on significant events that shape the investing environment, interesting topical pieces to help you better understand the investment strategies we employ for clients, as well as newspaper pieces written by GeoVest employees.

Most of our clients choose GeoVest Advisors for at least one of the following reasons:

1. Superior investment performance
2. Careful risk management
3. Personal service

Our success in achieving reasons one and two are largely a function of the forward-looking nature of our investment process, yet this process can sometimes become obscured due to the conflicting messages being offered by the various media outlets that supply our daily information needs.  Hopefully, this website will provide deeper insights into the value we provide for clients, over and above our periodic mailings.

We are similar to a mutual fund in that we research our investments and purchase securities for the benefit of our clients, yet we differ from mutual funds in one very significant way – transparency.  Not only can GeoVest clients see exactly what we place in their accounts shortly after the trade is placed (unlike a mutual fund that only reports their top holdings every quarter or so), they can speak to the individuals that actually make the investment decisions.  Our good and bad decisions are open to immediate scrutiny.  We believe this is important because it forces us to be more accountable to clients than a mutual fund.

We strive to develop long term partnerships with our clients.  Clients have to trust us to manage their money wisely and we have to trust that our clients will stand by us when we make decisions that appear to be out of sync with prevailing trends in the market.

In addition, clients have to trust us before they will recommend our services to their friends and family.  In an effort to further develop that trust, we are making some of our research available on this site so our clients can better understand the service we provide.