Services Tailored to the Insurance Industry

At GeoVest Advisors we have had many years of experience serving the regulated financial services industry, with a special emphasis on meeting the unique needs of the insurance industry.  Besides an investment style that places a special emphasis on managing risk, we offer the following services that include the following:

1) Timely reporting of interest accruals, accretion and amortization reports for use in preparing month end accounting records;
2) Timely reporting of data at quarter end for download reporting into the Schedule D;
3) Purchase of securities in conformance with the NAIC SVO database;
4) Aid in drafting a written investment policy within your board’s guidelines, if needed;
5) Aid in preparing or revising your Asset/Liability (Interest Rate Risk) Management Plan;
6) Periodic economic and investment reviews with management and board, when requested;
7) Aid in preparing your investment policy to conform to FAS 115 requirements;
8) Preparation of investment related data for the A.M. Best Supplemental Ratings questionnaire (SRQ).

We understand the special needs of insurance clients and are prepared to make your task of compliance easier and worry free.