At GeoVest, we offer two types of balanced account management to meet your investment needs.  Both types draw heavily on our economic and cycle analysis, and include our choices for equities and bonds. 

The standard type of balanced account is where we assign a maximum equity position for our clients based on their individual circumstances.  For instance, a client who is over 50 years old and has accumulated sufficient assets to fund retirement will generally seek lower levels of volatility than a 30 year old who is still building assets for retirement.  The 50 year old will generally seek a higher portion of bonds in his/her portfolio while the 30 year old will generally seek faster growth with a higher portion of equity. 

Our Total Return product differs from the standard balance account in that we will try to determine the optimal asset allocation for clients as a function of earning higher returns for them as opposed to meeting some level of risk.  Our Total Return accounts could be 100% equity or 100% fixed income depending on our expectations for market returns.  They could also have a higher concentration of hedges and some exposure to commodities through the use of exchange traded funds.