In addition to the services we provide for Retail & Corporate Accounts, we provide enhanced services to meet the needs of the Insurance Industry.

Services Provided

  • Day-to-day management of the investment portfolio with specific recommendations for purchase and sale of securities within specified guidelines.
  • Assist with investment policy.
  • Provide monthly or quarterly reports as requested.
  • Meet with the Board and/or Investment Committee as reasonably requested to review portfolio performance, set strategies and the like.
  • Provide data as needed to satisfy regulatory reporting requirements, i.e. data needed for Schedule D.
  • Continuous review of the investment portfolio to maintain compliance with changes and updates in the investment policy
  • Maintain ongoing communications with operations regarding issues and maintaining compliance will all pertinent regulations.

Additional /Enhanced Services Available

  • Draft and/or revise Asset/Liability (Interest Rate Risk) Management Plan.
  • Prepare Asset/Liability Reports.